Wood Cradled Panel


The Trumpeter is an oil painting inspired by my art matrix and the watercolor paintings I created as a form of my Artistic Voice. The main subject is a skeletal figure in light-colored clothing holding a trumpet to their teeth and bending towards their back. The background is filled with different brush strokes and patterns extending from the figure and the instrument. The background colors of warm and cool tones ranging from saturated but somewhat pale complement each other. The overall pattern and texture of the background are largely inspired by the previous watercolor I did of a skeleton playing the accordion. Looking back on my mind map, I decided to do something I enjoyed painting and for me, it was that watercolor painting.

Some other influences that lead me to paint the Trumpeter were mainly music-based. Throughout painting the figure, I found myself listening to songs that had trumpets playing in the background. In a way, this helped me create outbursting energy coming from the figure. Also, when searching for how trumpet players stand while playing, I wanted to find a pose that would still have enough energy that it could stand on its own. This process led me to consider the movement of musicians and the type of energy they give off for playing music.

Throughout the process of the painting, it was tedious for me since I had to repeatedly make certain brushstrokes in one area and then switch to a different one. Also, there was a large contrast in scale between what inspired me to what I painted on the canvas. Instead of keeping the patterns compact, I used up more space and tried slightly bigger brush strokes. The color palette was different since I wanted to use a bigger palette instead of limiting myself to two hues. Overall, this painting was largely influenced by my use of skeletons and complementary color usage.